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One step into your home and your real personality appears in front of guests without having to say a word. Yes, your cleanliness, sophistication and elegance speak for themselves. But beyond that, you need to know that the condition and atmosphere of your home has a way of controlling your emotions beyond imagination.

Indeed, depending on the serenity of your space and the simplicity of your interior decoration and your designs, it is easier to become happier at home because it positively affects your mood.

That is why it is important to get rid of awkwardness and inner ambiguities. No, you don’t need excessive picture frames and paintings on the walls, or dark furniture sets to take up the best part of the space. Of course, riots of color, clutter and dirt are unacceptable!

In fact, you have to breathe serenity, comfort and security in your own space and this can only be possible by removing the heaviness of the interior decoration and the dirtiness of the space.

How to keep emotions and psychology safe with your home decor, your designs
* Eliminate Excessive Artwork: While artwork’s aesthetics are second to none, hanging or placing them anywhere in the space can become emotionally traumatic, especially on days when your mood calls for a bit of peace, fresh air and calm. Excessive artwork can be psychologically disorienting, so be sure to keep it simple.

• Color Mixture: This is one of the most important aspects of interior decorating and designs because a perfect combination can easily enhance your mood and evoke positive feelings.

• Free your walls: You don’t necessarily need to smother your walls with picture frames, paintings and pictures. Let them breathe! Sure, family photos are a must, but don’t overdo it. Plus, you don’t need to hang all the frames you like on the walls; there is nothing wrong with knocking down old frames to accommodate new purchased ones. Keep the old ones in your reserve or give them away. Keep your walls clean with some wall frames, paintings, and photos.

• Cool Upholstery: The type of textile used for your furniture should be soft and warm, as this gives constant calm which relieves you from stress after a long day and helps you relax.

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