WRJ Design shares new luxury interior design ideas and trends from Rocky Mountain West’s real estate boom with The Wall Street Journal’s Mansion Global magazine

JACKSON, Wy., 23 December 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Following the recent wave of home buyers in the western Rockies, Mansion Global, the leading luxury and lifestyle real estate brand to be included in the Wall Street Journal, interviewed Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer, co-owners of Jackson Hole interior design firm WRJ Design, for its take on how migration is shaping regional design trends. The winter 2021 issue of the magazine highlights the stories of city-dwellers’ On their way to the hills’, looking for more space and scenery in the mountains, and interviews the designer duo, citing ‘the praise of WRJ for creating luxurious yet comfortable spaces that reflect the scenic region and its -returns, albeit an active lifestyle. ”

High nearby Idaho, Jenkins has always been inspired by nature and Baer has roots in Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains. In 2010, the partners succumbed to the lure of the Teton Mountains, relocating their growing design business from Manhattan at Jackson, Wyoming. This story gives them a special understanding of the current urge to escape city life which has sparked an explosion of interest in Jackson Hole real estate. “Connecting with nature does something to you spiritually,” Jenkins told Mansion Global. “You connect with that essence of who you are, and it’s hard to find today. That’s why it’s so appealing to a lot of people.”

Jenkins shares with Mansion Global how the WRJ customer mix has changed since the pandemic, with more customers doing Jackson their primary residence rather than just a vacation getaway. Therefore, they invest in their mountain homes on a different level, spending more on furnishings and housing art and wine collections there, as well as parking more cars – perhaps creating a complex that includes cabins. of guests to visit friends and family. The point is to truly create spaces that inspire, energize and relax, filled with meaningful pieces. Another pandemic effect: more options for working from home. “In the past we may have designed a desk, but customers demand a desk in every room,” Jenkins explains, while Baer emphasizes the desire for cutting edge technology. “With all the Zoom meetings and streaming involved, they have to have the bandwidth,” he says.

Most importantly, people are moving to the area to have a good time and enjoy what they love outside – and also inside – bringing a rush of home amenities. “Large locker rooms… are needed here,” Baer told Mansion Global, citing the large amount of equipment that comes with the outdoor lifestyle. Jenkins agrees: “We’re seeing larger recreation rooms to house skis and gear as more and more friends come from cities to stay with them for longer periods of time. People stay for two, three, or six months, and their children stay for more than a few months. weeks. “

A hillslope Jackson Hole the house’s spectacular locker room, designed by WRJ Design with JLF Architects and featured in the Mansion Global article, includes a fireplace for warming ski boots and chic, durable benches, with bins for gear under a seat long window and luxurious touches like sheepskin rugs on radiant heated stone floors. Rooms for outdoor equipment are balanced by spaces dedicated to indoor entertainment, causing an increase in game rooms with pool, ping-pong and card tables, for example – including a game room and a bar with custom sink featured in an exclusive Architectural Digest online tour of a WRJ-designed Jackson Hole remodeling what AD calls a “perfectly updated cabin”. “We saw a separate weight room or gym, treatment room for massages, yoga studio, bar with detached sink next to the pool and plunge pools,” Baer adds.

Another trend that WRJ notes is the desire for extravagant kitchens with high-end appliances from Gaggenau to Miele, pizza ovens and luxurious materials for worktops, cabinets and seating, as well as clever lighting fixtures. The desire to reflect the natural environment in kitchens – and in all interiors of the home – is something WRJ Design has mastered and thoughtfully infused into every home, consistently bringing a harmonious connection with the remarkable landscape around them. .

This connection to nature can be reflected in an interior’s carefully layered color palette and textures – or it can be literal, like when WRJ worked with an owner and builder to transform a 700-pound boulder, excavated from the site of the house, made of a unique organic stone sink in the powder room of a Jackson Hole residence. Craftsmen made the basin and hung the stone with steel brackets on a reclaimed wood accent wall, where it appears to defy gravity.

In late 2019, Jenkins and Baer’s book Natural Elegance: Luxurious Mountain Living (Vendome Press) was released, showcasing their nature-inspired, sophisticated yet comfortable interiors. The timing for the book now seems premonitory given the flood of newcomers to the area since its inception who take the WRJ Design approach to mountain homes, combining a clean European design and a subtle color palette drawn from the surrounding nature. with lovable antiques, the work of regional artists and artisans, and richly layered natural textures including linen, leather, hairy skin and cashmere. Ultimately, as Mansion Global puts it, Jenkins and Baer “marry luxury with natural materials to reflect the mountainous region” they call home.

About WRJ Design:
Based at Jackson, Wyoming, WRJ Design transmits the special serenity of its premises Nipples landscape with interior designs in Jackson Hole and across the country. WRJ was born out of a passion for design in Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer, which create experiences and environments through inspired design. The team offers owners timeless reflections of their collections by combining the work of regional craftsmen with finely crafted European furniture and accessories, and unique pieces rich in history selected from around the world. Three-time Mountain Living Home of the Year winners, WRJ has been featured widely in the media, including Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, as well as their popular book, “Natural Elegance: Luxurious Mountain Living (2019, Vendôme). information, visit wrjdesign .com and follow @wrjdesign on Instagram.

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