Why I spend over $ 100 a month on furniture rental

  • I was tired of rebuilding the same inexpensive Ikea furniture every time I moved to a new city.
  • When I moved into my first one bedroom apartment, I wanted to splurge on a beautiful sofa.
  • Instead of dropping $ 1,400 in cash or accumulating credit card debt, I chose to rent some of my furniture.
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For the past 10 years, I have lived in Chicago, New York, St. Louis, and Los Angeles, moving from apartment to apartment in each of these four cities. Looking for stylish and inexpensive furniture started out as a fun adventure, but over the years has grown into such a nuisance.

Over the years, I have refined the Ikea shopping system. I no longer wander aimlessly through exhibition halls filled with chaotic families. Instead, I go through its app looking for coins for sale and then hit the Click & Collect option so that I don’t have to go in and end up buying random things that I don’t really need. .

In my early twenties, I scoured the sidewalks looking for discarded shelves or coffee tables or haggling for unique mid-century modern pieces on Craigslist. But the thrill of the chase quickly dissipated once I realized that I would also be responsible for the truck rentals and the hours spent stuffing furniture.

Once I realized that I had spent $ 763 over and over to buy the same Ikea dresser, I knew something had to change

When I moved into my first one bedroom apartment, I hit my breaking point with cheap furniture. After spending hours putting together an Ikea dresser, I realized that I had already bought and built this same dresser for $ 109 six times in previous apartments.

This particular dresser had a neutral design that went with everything, but it was too heavy to move to a new apartment or city. I usually ended up leaving it with friends and sub-letters, or selling it for a really cheap price on Craigslist.

Not only have I wasted hours deciphering Ikea’s cryptic assembly instructions, but I have also spent $ 763 on the same inexpensive dresser over the past 10 years.

I thought about renting furniture for weeks before signing the lease on my new sofa

Now that I’m living alone for the first time, I wanted to splurge on a beautiful sofa. I didn’t have $ 1,400 in cash to put down on the room I wanted, and I didn’t want to commit to owning a huge piece of furniture just in case I wanted to move again. I also didn’t want to take on credit card debt to furnish my apartment, as I know I tend to spend compulsively when I use credit cards.

I heard about furniture rental from my favorite home decor influencers, but was hesitant to try it for myself as the social media comments were very spicy. The haters would say things like, “Wow, who would spend that much money on a couch?” Or even waste money renting it? Or “This is a really stupid use of money, what a scam !!”

After doing more research, one common furniture rental benefit sealed the deal for me: a buy-to-buy option that allows you to buy the furniture at the end of the lease, using whatever you want. have already paid for the rental fee towards the purchase price. You just have to pay the difference.

There were some pieces that didn’t make sense to rent, like my Ikea dresser for the seventh time that fits perfectly in my closet. I decided to rent furniture that had a bigger impact on the overall aesthetic of my space, like a sofa and a



Furniture rental supports my adventurous lifestyle, and it’s worth every penny

Silencing my inner critic, I finally added a beautiful sofa and an irresistible bed frame from Feather to my basket. The sofa costs $ 59 per month and the bed frame $ 19 per month. After monthly fees and taxes, my monthly total is $ 105.19.

Two wonderful delivery guys came to my door two weeks later to put the two items together, and each piece is way stronger than any of my random Ikea builds. The convenience alone was worth it, but the flexibility of the lease with buy option makes me feel right at home.

If I decide to move again, I don’t have to worry about tidying up or selling my sofa. I can just have it picked up and end my lease. I could even change the decoration of my house, without feeling guilty about wasting all my old furniture.

If I decide to buy the sofa, my 12 monthly payments totaling $ 708 would equal the total purchase price of $ 1,399, which would give me plenty of time to shell out the remaining balance of $ 691. Totally affordable, and I didn’t have to use a credit card at all.

The most important lesson I learned in the process is to spend money based on my needs and core values, instead of comparing myself to others. I will gladly listen to the critics of furniture rental from the comfort of my beautiful sofa.

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