Top interior furniture trends of 2019


Furniture can make or break a space, and every year there are exciting new trends to follow. The right piece of furniture can make a room look modern and open, or the furniture can make the room feel too cluttered and less like home.

The major trends who will take center stage in 2019 are:

Luxury headboards are definitely on trend

Luxury headboards are back in fashion, and it’s a defining moment in modern bedroom furniture. These headboards are a little different, taking away the natural colors of the wood and offering beautiful fabrics instead.

Velvet replaced wood with beautiful hues of jewelry.

These fabrics add a bit of “oomph” to a room and a sophistication that many other bedroom furnishings don’t. When a room lacks color, a Luxe headboard will do the trick. Add in beautiful shades of bamboo, white end tables, and a lovely comforter, and the room is inviting and bright.

Boldness becomes the norm

Furniture and interior design trends have seen a certain drop in color in recent years. We have seen rooms with light colored walls and slightly offset shades of the same color fill rooms.

The furniture has also lost its color.

But now is the time to be bold. Spruce up this interior space with colorful chairs that are bold – not boring. High contrast patterns are all the rage, and we see many designers adding a mix of colors and materials to make rooms ‘pop’.

Start being bold this year – everyone has already started.

Blackened wood colors

White oaks have been in fashion for a long time, but this trend is starting to give way to a blackened version of white oak that people adore. Blacked out versions allow for a quieter space, and this adds to the coziness of a room.

Blacked out coffee tables are a staple this year and pair well with a lighter colored rug or lighter sofa colors. Add a beautiful plant to the table with a book to add an extra splash of color to create space.

Artisanal manufacturing is back

The economy is doing well and homeowners do not want or need to buy furniture that has been mass produced.

Handcrafted furniture is making a comeback. These pieces are full of personality and completely unique. Homeowners flock to these more expensive rooms because they can be sure that no one else in their neighborhood has the same room.

You invest in a decorative work of art when you opt for handcrafted furniture over mass-produced pieces.

Geometric patterns are also making headlines

Geometry is also making a comeback and making headlines. These patterns take us away from the tribal patterns that we are used to seeing for years. These geometric patterns are often black and white, but recently we are seeing other pops of color in the mix.

Loosely in design, these shapes are often asymmetrical and oversized, making them the perfect pattern for a large open wall or even a staircase.

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