The interior design market is expected to expand in the near future

25 november: Urbanization is in full bloom. Whether it’s a trend or a simple need, people are heading to urban cities with new hope and a better life. According to an article published by the UN, it is estimated that around 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. With such increasing urbanization, homeowners are desperately looking for better services, opportunities and not to mention land. ‘space ! Yes! The space where they can relax, enjoy and live fully. And what better way to revolutionize every inch of home space than to design your interior in such a way that it adds value. According to reports, the interior design industry will grow bigger than ever and is expected to be worth Rs. 1.5 2 lakh crore in the near future.

Today, owners opt for full sustainable development in order to cope with the effects of urbanization. From their own home, designing sustainable interiors is a much better idea. With the help of the latest technologies and smart interior solutions, one can minimize energy consumption while making the most of natural light. “At Lofy Interior Solutions, we smartly go for the most energy efficient furniture that not only saves money, space and energy, but also makes a statement of beautification with a mesmerizing design by excellence, ”added Mr. Taral Shah, MD, Shivalik Group.

“Interior design is an indicator of the times, of prevailing trends and of mutual awareness. Rather an art coupled with a technology that intertwines in an innovative way. Our team of interior designers rightly combines innovation and creativity in any decor. Our 3D visualization technology helps customers get a clear idea of ​​what their home looks like, allowing them to decide on the most suitable interior ideas. With a range of bespoke interior solutions, we provide state-of-the-art interior services, ”said Mr. Taral Shah.

Nowadays, interiors are taking center stage as people not only want to own a home, but rather aspire to remodel it using innovative interior design methods. “Our architects and interior experts are deeply aware of the well-being of our clients, their choices and their requirements. We carefully analyze how we can help our clients achieve their desired interiors at the most family-friendly value without any compromise. Thank you to our design brains who have captivated dozens of clients with unprecedented results, ”he added.

Having more organic shapes inside our homes is a popular fad. Flexibility is another aspect that comes from working from home during the lockdown period. In this regard, living spaces and workspace must coexist. Smart interior design is the only option that can transform your home that matches the bill.

Founded recently as an integration transfer from one of the most reputable real estate players, ‘Shivalik Group, Lofy Interior is committed to creating comfortable yet exceptional home decor that provides lasting enjoyment. Backed by a team of budget, design and project management experts, our meticulous care and attention results in bespoke interiors that transcend time and space while still being treasured with age.

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