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Camila Harasic, Architect and Senior Designer, Sklar Furnishings

Born in Bolivia and raised in six countries, Camila Harasic brings his diverse cultural background as well as his experience of the architecture of Spain to Sklar Furnishings.

“With my architectural, technical skills and my spatial vision, I knew I could bring a new dimension to Sklar. The goal was to merge furniture customization with today’s technology and advanced design tools to simplify the process for our customers,” says Harasic.

Camila joined the team in November 2020 to expand Sklar’s full service and forward-thinking design program. “I started collaborating with our design associates to elevate their projects. We slowly started turning one-room jobs into full-scale home projects. A client’s full-scale home project became a multi-home project. It all starts with a home consultation and a floor plan. We are then able to transform the way people live with the services we provide,” explains the architect.

Sklar’s team offers a wide range of customizable modern and contemporary furniture, rugs, décor, lighting and interior design services, supporting the client from start to finish. “We first create their unique vision. We detect their own needs and the needs of the space. Each house has a unique architectural bone that defines important guidelines in the development of a project. It’s a very organic process,” notes Harasic.

Sklar Furnishings is dedicated to making every customer’s home unique and special. “The ultimate goal is to make people happy in a space they love to live in,” says Camila. “We remain true to our mission statement: Your space. Your lifestyle. Your choice.

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