Teijin Frontier to acquire automotive interior materials manufacturer JH Ziegler, Germany


Teijin Frontier Co. Ltd., the fiber and product processing company of the Teijin Group, has agreed to acquire JH Ziegler GmbH (Ziegler), one of the leading suppliers of automotive interior materials in Germany, at an approximate cost. of 125 million euros. The takeover is expected to be finalized in August 2018 subject to regulatory approval.

Ziegler, founded in 1864, headquartered in Achern-Oberachern, Germany, is the leading technology innovator in the fields of non-woven seat upholstery materials and sound-deadening composite solutions.

Meeting the most stringent requirements for appearance, haptic feedback and usability of seat surface materials, Ziegler offers advanced non-woven liner structures, including materials with improved ventilation capabilities that eliminate pleats and retain the luxurious look of genuine leather materials.

In addition, the company produces premium sound absorbing materials and market leading nonwovens for interior and thermal insulation applications. Ziegler has five facilities worldwide, three of which are in Germany and one in Hungary and China. The turnover of the company amounted to more than 69 million euros during the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017.

With the acquisition of Ziegler, Teijin Frontier will improve its production and sales capabilities for automotive interior materials in Europe. Teijin Frontier wants to optimize Ziegler’s design and production structures that meet the growing demand for low noise electric vehicle (EV) driving environments.

Teijin Frontier will develop innovative materials with superior sound absorption property, using its ultra-fine fibers as part of its R&D and tapping collaboration taking advantage of the production and sales facilities of Continental Structural Plastics, a North American hub of the Teijin group’s composite business, including Ziegler’s sales channels to find new businesses.

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