Stolen truck recovered, returned to Amarillo Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Amarillo took in his truck after it was stolen and abandoned by thieves in the parking lot of a local hotel.

As previously reported by the Globe-News, the Salvation Army had their 26ft truck stolen sometime in the night between 5pm Wednesday afternoon and 10am Thursday morning last week.

The stolen vehicle was recovered by the Salvation Army after the Amarillo Police Department received a call from an individual notifying APD of the abandoned vehicle around 11 a.m. Friday morning. The truck was abandoned in the parking lot of a hotel located in the 1600 block of I-40 East. No suspect in the theft has been identified at this time.

“It’s going to need repairs. There was a lot of damage inside, so we’re getting awards to fix it now,” said Maj. Tex Ellis, coral officer for the Salvation Army of Amarillo. “It works, so that’s a good thing. We can still use it, but they damaged the interior of the truck.”

According to the Major, no damage or vandalism occurred to the exterior of the vehicle, but the Family Store still suffers property damage from the initial incident. In addition to the damage to the gate the thieves did to access and steal the vehicle, the Salvation Army of Amarillo also discovered that a window had been smashed in the robbery.

After:The Salvation Army of Amarillo asks the public for help locating a stolen truck

Ellis believes the window break happened when the thieves were initially trying to gain access to the property to steal the vehicle, but realized they couldn’t reach the vehicle from the window, leading them to damage the door.

The Salvation Army has made an insurance claim for the damage to the vehicle and is awaiting the results of the claim to determine the next step regarding the vehicle. As previously reported, the vehicle helps the nonprofit transport materials for its family thrift store, such as furniture, as well as collecting food donations for its pantry and kitchen. shelter, as well as various donations throughout the year.

The Salvation Army of Amarillo recovers a stolen truck abandoned in a parking lot.

Ellis expressed the vitality of the vehicle to the nonprofit and thanks the community for their involvement in obtaining the vehicle.

The Major said that if there is a need to purchase a new vehicle, the estimated cost is $60,000 and encourages community members who wish to help to contact the organization.

“We encourage the community if they would like to donate to absolutely contact us. There will be repairs that we will need to do, including property repairs to our family store, so any way the community would like to help out would be greatly appreciated” , Ellis said.

For more information about the Salvation Army of Amarillo or to donate, visit them online at

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