Residence Elwood / BE Architecture

Residence Elwood / BE Architecture

Elwood Residence / BE Architecture - Interior Photography, BedroomElwood Residence / BE Architecture - Interior Photography, Table, Windows, ChairElwood Residence / BE Architecture - Outdoor Photography, Garden+ 19

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Residence Elwood / BE Architecture - Interior photography, Living room
© Victor Vieaux

Text description provided by the architects. Our work is ultimately about people. Our homes are designed to reflect the special character, history and history of our customers. The renovation and extension of a heritage Edwardian terrace in Ruskin Street completes this narrative loop, as we completed this project for the child of one of our first residential clients 25 years ago. This ongoing relationship with a client and his family made this project truly special for our office.

Residence Elwood / BE Architecture - Interior Photography
© Victor Vieaux
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To plan

The existing house and site seemed determined to tell its own story. Due to the conicity of the site, the associated setbacks and the main visibility constraints from the street, the typical approach of a new form, set back and detached from the existing, with a recessive connection was simply not possible. The transition from old to new has become something less tangible than physical separation and more internal, defined by changes in volumes in space, intent of detail and feel of materials.

Elwood Residence / BE Architecture - Interior Photography, Bedroom
© Victor Vieaux

The existing house adjusted to the acute angle of the border. The new one followed suit, creating a series of spaces that changed with each step. The change from the raised ceilings of the terraced house to the lowered ceiling of the main kitchen marks this transition from old to new. The floor follows suit, descending into a sunken living space, providing open plan living that allows separation from the more active to the more reflective living spaces. Every step of the boundary is filled with landscaping, opening the house to the garden, accessed via a large granite stepping stone patiently cut to size.

Elwood Residence / BE Architecture - Interior Photography, Table, Windows, Chair
© Victor Vieaux

Each material in the project also finds its own story. A 50-year-old cypress tree was felled in Gippsland and two massive beams were cut from its trunk on a portable mill before being transported to its destination. The beams, once transported to the site, were naturally left to weather. The rough sawn finish of the wood with its knots and jagged edges contrasts sharply with the precision of the adjoining black upholstery. The posts extend inside the building, representing ideals of solidity and permanence. As the cypress ages, its history is honestly reflected in the building, marking the passage of time. The defining feature of the kitchen is its tiled worktop. Handmade Japanese tiles, each displaying their own unique characteristics and imperfections, find their way into existing parts of the home, reinforcing the conversation between old and new. The tile colors reference the green hues of the sand textured paint that elevate the simple finish to a value of its own.

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Residence Elwood / BE Architecture - Steel
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The furniture selected for the project is eclectic and casual, selected to sit quietly in the room, but each with its own personality. Key elements were designed and crafted for the space, from the bent brass ledge to the in-situ round concrete dining table in the back garden. Each is made to be used every day, contributing to the experience of space and future stories to be told.

Elwood Residence / BE Architecture - Outdoor Photography, Garden
© Victor Vieaux

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