Ralph Architecture and Interior Design launch ZBOM

Ralph Architecture and Interior Design launch ZBOM

Ralph Architecture and Interior Design is the first in Southeast Asia to launch ZBOM – the global premium furniture brand that meets the lifestyle needs of interior design enthusiasts

Ralph Architecture and Interior Design, a full-service architectural and interior design solutions provider, breaks into the furniture industry in Thailand by being the first player in Southeast Asia to launch the ZBOM brand of high end furniture. The move aims to meet the lifestyle needs of home decor enthusiasts and solidify the company’s position in Thailand’s furniture industry.

Mr. Sorawit Eiamthanapagorn, Business Development Manager and Co-Founder of Ralph Architecture and Interior Design Co., Ltd., explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused slowdowns in many Thai industries as well as the global business scene. in general. On the contrary, the furniture and home decor industries have seen increased growth despite the raging COVID-19 situation. Mr. Sorawit said the launch of global furniture brand ZBOM will increase Ralph’s strength and reaffirm its leadership in full-service interior design and architectural offerings in Thailand.

The marketing tactic to be used this year focuses on high-end kitchen cabinets and wardrobes and penetrating the super luxury customer group, which is Ralph’s original customer base. The products are created using modern technology in combination with the concept of “Turning Homes’ Imagination into Reality” and are produced from environmentally friendly materials through environmentally friendly processes. ZBOM’s production standard requires an “E0” formaldehyde emission level, which is the highest global standard in furniture manufacturing. With near zero release of carcinogens and respiratory irritants, the materials are safe for everyone inside the home as well as the environment.

According to its operational plan for 2022, Ralph Architecture and Interior Design intends to open the first and largest ZBOM flagship store in Southeast Asia to meet the purchasing power of target groups in the Thai furniture circle. It plans to generate 300 million baht in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2022 and aims to secure a large enough market share to place it among the top 5 players in the furniture industry in Thailand within 3 years, according to Mr. Sorawit.

About ZBOM:

“ZBOM” is a high-end furniture brand established in 1998 and a pioneer in the use of advanced technology in furniture manufacturing. This pursuit has allowed ZBOM to gain global recognition and quickly gain market-leading status. The brand’s products are selected for use in many 5-star hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton. ZBOM currently has approximately 3,000 branches spread across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. It operates one of the largest furniture manufacturing bases in Asia and has an annual production capacity of 6 million sets of kitchen cabinets. The company is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017.

“BOM” in Portuguese means high quality.
ZBOM, in Chinese, means increased suction.
These meanings correspond to our desire and ambition to enable all households to use high quality, aesthetic, modern products that are safe for health and the environment.

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