Parrot Bar & Grill finds a new home east of Naples

The Parrot will fly again soon in the Naples area.

“I signed a lease and we are moving forward,” said co-owner Patrick Daly. “I was a little surprised that I could do something so quickly. We are hoping to be open in March, but sometimes with COVID and all it takes a long time to get things going.

Instead of the Parrot Bar & Grill, the new location will be KC’s Parrot 41. The new venue is named in honor of Daly’s late wife, Karen Coakley Daly, whose childhood nickname was KC. The 41 tag comes from US 41 because the new Parrot is moving into the recently closed old location of That Taco Place at 3340 Tamiami Trail E.

“By changing the theme from the Mexican restaurant, the taco restaurant that it used to be, I’m changing it to more of The Parrot bar feel. This will be the second version of Parrot Bar & Grill,” Daly said. “I will try to capture that same feeling again.”

KC’s menu will also be similar to The Parrot’s wide range of dishes. “We’ll try to do a 15-minute lunch because all the shops in the neighborhood and the courthouse are across the street. I think we’ll do the standard Parrot menu with burgers, quesadillas, and tacos, but also each day we’ll have a five- to ten-course submenu that we can quickly rotate; maybe hot roast beef sandwiches or salads, stuff like that.

Built as a drive-thru diner decades ago on the east trail of the Collier County Government Center, this restaurant has housed Arby’s, Chrissy’s Bianchi’s, Chrissy’s Courthouse Tavern & Bistro, The Gavel Grill, Crooked Shillelagh Celtic Kitchen & Drinkery and La Herradura Doble, which changed its name to That Taco Place. The backdrop is the former Courthouse Shadows shopping centre, which is being redeveloped into an apartment complex and could see its first tenants move in by the end of the year.

“The building has good bones. It just needs a little TLC, a little painting, a little cleaning, a little scrubbing, a little elbow grease,” Daly said. “The interior is just going to be upgraded – new paint, new decor, changes to the bar and that sort of thing. I have a designer looking at it now.

The new venue sports a large kitchen and indoor-outdoor bar. Daly’s biggest problem is fixing wear and tear like chipped furniture and scratched tables.

“I’m just focused on getting my old clientele back,” he said. “I think there was a lot of animosity in this town about what happened to me.”

While Daly teamed up with his brother-in-law Timothy Coakley for The Parrot at Dockside Boardwalk, he teamed up with East Coast Ed Zimmerman for KC’s Parrot 41. Expect this first Parrot spin-off to be the first of a few in the Naples area.

“Tim and I are looking to do something at the old Castaways (Backwater Cafe) where the Freedom Boat Cub is located (on Davis Boulevard in East Naples). We signed a letter of intent with them,” Daly said. “And then I’m also looking at a third location in the North Naples area that I really can’t comment on because there are things going on there that need to be resolved from a legal standpoint, let’s say, and it is with a third partner.

After the Parrot closed, Daly received offers from all sides. “I think the Parrot concept will work in many places. And, I thought if I could do 50-50 with three different people, it would diversify me a bit, so that was that kind of thinking.

Although he wishes he could stay in his original location, Daly feels lucky to have quickly transformed his business. “You know, every time one door closes, another opens,” he said. “I’m happy with where I landed.”

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