Leading Interior Designer in Bangalore – Nandita Manwani Launches Life Event Based Design Offerings

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
If you’re getting married in December, prepare to hire an interior designer. Calling on a professional designer to optimize living spaces to meet the major stages of life will soon be a reality. Nandita Manwani, one of the main Interior designers in Bangalore has been fine-tuning this concept for the past 2 years and his design company – The Studio, recently announced their range of offerings around interior design based on life events.

Traditionally, families have sought to hire interior designers to make entire homes, each a once-in-a-lifetime project. This trend is now about to change, as millennials seek design interventions to align with the lifestyle changes that accompany life events. “Based on interactions with customers over the past few years, we are confident that the introduction of design products and services around life events such as marriage, the arrival of a child, children becoming teenagers, a 50-year-old birthday, etc. will be a key requirement. and will be a powerful engine of growth in the evolving home design industry, ”said Nandita.

his company, Nandita Manwani’s Studio brought together products and brands from all categories such as furniture, furnishings, fabrics, lighting and decor to do just that. The range includes custom furniture and decor in colors and prints to match the theme of the wedding or life event, bespoke furniture – bearing surnames, space management accessories to optimize storage for the particular life stage, personalized lighting, murals, senior-friendly lighting, personalized printed wallpapers and much more.

The design of the spaces has a very strong impact on the life within it, all of our ancient wisdom of Vaastu is based on the same. The Studio reverses this concept by optimizing spaces and their mood according to a specific life event and the lifestyle change that follows. “The positive feelings around the event can be strengthened or maintained in living spaces through the use of strong design principles and products. However, it takes both skill and a solid understanding of the customer to get it right, ”says Nandita.

Nandita’s blog on interior design best practices has been among the most widely read references for housewives and design students across the country. The reason – today’s customers are looking for more than beautiful furniture when planning the interior of their space – whether it’s a home, office, point of sale or of a living room. They begin to understand and appreciate not only the technical intricacies of design, but also the influence of design on life.

With interior design now officially accepted as a science by our education system and the introduction of NEP 2021, we will surely see more such innovations in the field of design. So do not be surprised if during the next third trimester appointment with your gynecologist, the doctor gives you a professional interior designer card.

About the workshop

The Studio was established in 2010 by Nandita Manwani, one of Bangalore’s leading interior designers. Today, The Studio finds its place among the top interior design companies in Bangalore, offering exquisite interiors for families looking beyond carpentry and modular furniture.

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