Jinke City Light by AOD Architecture & Interior Design

Project description

Jinke City Light, Diverse Life and Forest Experience, Qionglai, China

In the latest Jinke City Light project, Qionglai Sales Center & Model Room, AOD creates the living epitome of community life with the concept of city living. Located in the central area of ​​Qionglai New Town, with completed infrastructure, the designer strives to extend the ultimate expectations of upper classes for future life and build a beautiful modern residence through diverse scene experience and an atmosphere of young community.

Natural gift, idyllic light shade

“City dwellers always have great expectations of nature. We hope to demonstrate pure spatial liveliness by restructuring the balance between nature and the city.
Light is a kind of non-tangible matter. The item is the memory medium allowing people to emit emotions. In the ultimate contrast between light and shadow, between solid and cubic shapes, the designer creates a distinctive artistic philosophy in the shade of shimmering patterns under the light shade.

The light shade constitutes a poetic painting. With less harsh elements and more emotional appeal, the designer demonstrates the essence of life. In this era of rapid development dominated by experimental consumption, instead of transient fame, AOD hopes to create a high-frequency living co-living room, intensifying the dwellers’ experience with compound elements.

In this project, the designer integrates the aesthetics of life, community social communication, leisure and entertainment with other elements, allowing the inhabitants to adopt an ideal lifestyle. Poetic light, forest shade, natural life and coffee culture fit well into the space, allowing residents to echo the aesthetics of life, returning to a poetic aroma boundless, tranquil and calm.

As a link between the space and the inhabitants, from the refined process of coffee to free time, the green coffee experience area becomes a landscape of humanism and life. In this space, residents can enjoy a cup of coffee, relax without the bustle of the city.

Infusion of art, diverse life

From AOD’s perspective, design is moving in a new direction, influencing people’s lives in a lasting way. A good designer must be a keen observer of life. “Overall, design means a lifestyle to some extent.”

In the clean wooden finishes, with the blind window, the space is full of diverse life forms, establishing a dialogue between man and nature. With wooden materials, the intertwined elements display a harmonious relationship between nature and art, demonstrating unlimited vividness of nature.

The warm, wooden beige color integrates with several greens, forming a natural palette, demonstrating a poetic soft light. The collage landscape becomes a punchline, through which the designer builds a soft emerald green lawn, hills and lush forests, carrying the inhabitants’ expectation and imagination for nature.

Like a natural corner, the space meets the link between life and poetics. “Like the progressive ‘integrated structure’ approach in literature, we integrate forest, coffee, community and living in space—embracing the breeze through the lush forest, surrounded by bright greens and of pure sunshine, comfortable and tranquil.”

Post Scriptum

The main challenge facing land agents and designers is to explore the lasting value of the sales center to serve the inhabitants in community life.
With the mutual logic of “Market, Space, Product”, from the perspective of people’s lifestyle, AOD creates an exhibition hall of natural landscape life and forest aroma based on “CO -LIFE Experiencing Hall”. With cafe cultural elements and fundamental distinction of contemporary lifestyle, the designer integrates landscape design into living experience, enhancing the practical value of space, realizing commercial value while integrating future lifestyle .

Project information
Location: Qionglai, Sichuan
Site area: 342 square meters
Client: Sichuan Landscape Department of Jinke Group
Customer Team: Liu Kaihong, Wang Xuefeng, Teng Zhaoxia, Yi Qibin
Completion date: 2021
Design office: AOD
Design team: James Liu, Zhang Yang, Bai Yiwen

Photographer: [email protected]ØO PLAY

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