Introducing Interior Design: The New Category of the Sustainability Awards

The interior of a space is crucial in ensuring that a building is fit for purpose. There are many considerations to be taken into account when designing an interior, in terms of the occupants’ use of the space, as well as aesthetics and branding, when it comes to commercial developments.

For the first time in their illustrious history, the Sustainability Awards have a new category up for grabs: Interior Design. This will open up a wealth of opportunities for interior designers who weren’t able to get in the ring at the awards show, who have sustainability in mind when curating interior materials and furnishings. an interior.

The category criteria call for a renovation or interior fit-up of an existing building where sustainable design is involved with factors such as determining effective and efficient use of space, selection of building materials which offer low environmental impact and reduce pollution, waste, and lower overall energy consumption.

GH Commercial is the first sponsor of the Interior Design category at the Sustainability Awards. The company relies on the creation, manufacture and distribution of innovative flooring products with reduced environmental and social impacts.

Considered the largest flooring manufacturer in the world, GH Commercial is in charge of advancing the mission of a sustainable future. Its pillars of local manufacturing, material health, product transparency, biophilic design, resource stewardship, and doing better together underpin the company’s desire to be a top-down, sustainable entity.

The Sustainability Awards are getting ever closer, with the shortlist for each category recently announced. To see the full list of all categories in its entirety, click here.

Images: Top – Built / Substation #164 by fmjinteriors

Bottom: 50s/50s house by Green Sheep Collective

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