Interior designer Keren Richter was inspired by a painting to imagine this Brooklyn townhouse

In designing her clients’ Prospect Heights townhouse, the designer Keren Richter says his goal was to “create a warm and inviting interior that complemented the home’s modern finishes – matte white oak flooring, white marble, black-accented ironwork and walnut cabinetry.”

Richter adds that she was inspired by Raymond Saunders’ large-scale painting of the owners and “its dark and dark colors and red accents.”

The end result is a townhouse filled with furniture designed by a host of independent designers, along with contemporary pieces and vintage fixtures and furniture, as a way to support the client’s existing art and ceramic collection. The furniture of the house, meanwhile, is a mixture of jewel tones “complemented by grand gestures and greenery that highlight the height of the ceilings and the natural light of the house”.

Ultimately, Richter says she and her design team “got a vibrant feel by pairing darker finishes with reflective brass accents and cool geometric silhouettes often to complement the natural organic textures.”

Check out the house below.


Thomas richter

In the double-height living room of this abode is a large-scale tree, intended to complement the large skylight of the space. “The 10-foot tree hangs over the four-handed rattan cabinet and adds a great sculptural gesture,” Richter enthuses. “We paired the Highland House Blue Velvet Tuxedo Sofa with a custom piece of textile art created by Thompson Street Studio and a coffee table by Croft Home.”

Masterpieces: Thompson Street Studio and Periodic Table of New York Waste by Molly Young and Teddy Blanks. Accessories: MQuan and the owner. To throw: Daniel Barreto. Ship: Nedda Atassi. Smoking sofa: Highland House Furniture. Cabinet: Four hands. Side table: vintage. Low table: Croft House. The couches: Four hands.

    Dining room

    dining table

    Thomas richter

    “Our client inherited a large-scale oil painting by Raymond Saunders, and its scale and color palette inspired the rich tones of his dining room,” says Richter. This space also features a custom flatwoven Moroccan rug from RRESS and a white oak dining table inspired by Axel Einer Hjorth.

    Blanket: RESS. Dining room chair: CB2. Dinner table : Four hands. Masterpieces: Raymond Saunders. Hanging light : Jaime Hayon for & Tradition.

      Changing room

      room with exterior view

      Thomas richter

      With plenty of windows in the dressing room / living room, there is no shortage of natural light here. Plus, this enclave features a storage wall, thanks to Reform cabinets created in collaboration with Muller Van Severen, featuring an ‘accented brass kickstand and hardware’. There’s also a hand-woven pendant lamp by WeraJane and a woolen rug from Cold Picnic, which Richter professes adds “fun colors and clever details”.

      Cabinet: Reform x “Match” by Muller Van Severen. Daybed: Western elm. Hanging light : Wera jane. Side table: Cold picnic.

        Master bedroom

        master bedroom

        Thomas richter

        Dark blue floor-to-ceiling window treatments are the focal point of the master bedroom, which is complemented by an emerald green Paavo Tynell pendant light, as well as a floating nightstand and custom walnut pendant lights from Buster and Punch.

        Night tables : vsustom. Wall lights: Buster + Punch. Hanging light : Paavo tynell. Sheets: Etsy. Masterpieces: the Lady of the Lake through Horace Pepin and a handkerchief printed by Yayoi Kusama.

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