Interior design vs Vancouver architect: hiring the right renovation professionals

Two heads are better than one when embarking on complex home improvement projects.

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North Vancouver, BC – (ReleaseWire) – 10/01/2022 – For people who have recently moved or started a home renovation, working with a Vancouver architect and / or interior designer can be one of the best ways meet renovation goals. For those who don’t know which professional they need, the m + Architecture l Interior Design team explains the difference in a recently published article. Read on to find out more

As a team that provides architectural and interior design services in Vancouver, m + Architecture l Interior Design specializes in elevating spaces. Interior designers and architects strive to guide homeowners through the renovation and decorating process in a quick and objective manner, while providing the best value for money.

Interior decorators use their training to make any decorating project more efficient and economical by sourcing materials, items, colors, lighting, maybe even labor. In other words, they enhance and complete spaces that have already been built.

Hire a Vancouver architect
On the other hand, architects offer spatial solutions. Their course combines technical training, functionality and aesthetics to create / transform spaces. Renovations that involve changing the structure of a house, like knocking down walls or creating / relocating a bathroom, will require the work of an architect and maybe even an engineer.

The expertise of an architect also extends to town planning, landscaping, project study and planning, execution of technical drawings, budgeting, standardization, measurement and quality control, execution of construction, real estate appraisal and technical services.

A winning combination
For ease and guidance from start to finish, it is best to work with both an architect and an interior designer. This allows homeowners to successfully combine structural changes with decoration and create rooms that are thoughtful, functional and beautiful.

The m + Architecture l Interior Design team in Vancouver has a proven track record of assisting homeowners through all stages of the renovation. Their work combines environmental stewardship with the intricacies of space, and they offer advice from design and permits to construction and furnishings.

If raising a house is a goal in 2022, contact m + Architecture l Interior Design in Vancouver at +1 778 997 9421 or [email protected]

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m + Architecture l Interior Design, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, offers personalized service in the design of custom single family homes, townhouses and commercial projects. Their intention is to create distinctive buildings with uniqueness, driven by environmental stewardship and the intricacies of sturdy yet beautiful architecture and design.

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