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“The Chico State Interior Architecture program is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only does the program teach you to think critically, but it gives you all the knowledge you need to become a successful designer and truly develops each one. from its students into an established professional. Each course is designed to address an area of ​​the design field that cultivates your creativity and strengthens your ability to communicate effectively. Chico State Interior Architecture is one of the most fun, challenging and useful programs in the world. campus. program has propelled me into the field of design and has helped me immensely in my professional success. If you are a creative and hardworking person who is up for a challenge, then this program is for you! “

Krishan chadha (BFA 2019)
Interior designer
Flad Architects, San Francisco, California

Interior Architecture Graduate Jason Snedeker

“Chico State’s interior design program taught me the true importance of collaboration. The studios are designed to create unique opportunities to work alongside your classmates. Group projects continually challenge you to work with a team or partner and use each other’s strengths to your advantage. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone and allows you to develop your communication and time management skills while maintaining a level of creativity. I graduated from the program with all the skills to be successful in the “real world”. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in a career related to design.

Jason snedeker (BFA 2018)
Interior designer
Gensler, San Francisco, California

Former interior design students, Henu Huang.

“The Chico State Interior Architecture program has helped me immensely in achieving my goal. The program’s emphasis on critical thinking and collaborative practice in a design studio has prepared me well to become a professional interior designer in a professional office environment. The team approach studio format was also an invaluable experience since all of the projects in my current office are designed in a similar team approach format. At Chico State, I learned about the real world experience through a series of design studios. The rigorous design training in this program was intensive, however, all the hard work paid off in finally helping me achieve my dream.

Henu Huang (BFA 2014)
Interior designer
Gensler, Shanghai China

Carson Melonee received his BFA for Interior Design in 2014 from CSU Chico.

“I came to Chico State as an interior design major and was incredibly fulfilled by the four years I spent in the program. The program, teachers and my classmates constantly challenged me. I was prompted to think both creatively and critically, which helped me immensely at the start of my career in the world of design. I am currently working as a designer at MBH Architects in Alameda and still build on the amazing foundation I developed in school.

Carson Melonee (BFA 2014)
Senior Designer at MBH Architectes

Jenna Futjistubo received her BFA in 2014 from CSU Chico. “The IDES program at Chico State was a fast paced program that propelled my education with every class I took. The assigned projects helped me open up my creativity and work really hard to meet those deadlines. Each teacher has a different design aesthetic, which helps accommodate clients and criticism.

Jenna fujitsubo (BFA 2014)
Vice president
Domunn design; Sacramento, California

Stéphanie Dolim graduated from CSU Chico with her BFA in 2014.

“During my enrollment in the IDES Department of the State of Chico, I developed skills in time management, project coordination and communication that I continue to use in my professional career today. It was thanks to the immense workloads assigned, the significant amounts of information received, and the honest reviews of the project that improved my approach to design.

Stephanie Dolim (BFA 2014)
Interior designer and project manager
Global Real Estate Department, SanDisk Corporation

Bryan Kobe is a graduate student of CSU Chico, and he received his BFA in 2012 for Interior Design.

“The CSUC IDES program understands the reality of the design world. No need for sugar, this program helps students understand the world of design work while preparing participants for the rigors of graduate architectural studies. Students will need to show dedication to participate in this program and will be rewarded with a very comprehensive and professional body of work that can be directed towards their future. This is not a program that you participate in to work in a furniture gallery. I follow my career aspirations and do what I love through the connections and skills acquired through the IDES program at California State University Chico.

Bryan kobe (BFA 2012)
Graduate student @ SCIARC (Southern California Institute of Architecture)

Janelle Baldock is a former interior design student who graduated from CSU Chico with her BFA in 2012.

“I originally came to Chico State for the campus and a great sense of community, but I couldn’t have picked a better place to get my interior design degree. Classes are small, so as a student you get a lot of constructive criticism and hands-on learning. The program covers all aspects of the field, from technical drawings, creative thinking, and studio lessons which have helped me in all of my past and present positions as a retail, commercial and residential designer.

??Janelle Baldock (BFA 2012)
Junior designer at Molie Malone Interior Design

Jaclyn Guasco graduated 2007 from the Interior Architecture program

“Chico State’s interior design curriculum and curriculum provides a versatile and inspiring education, laying the foundation for your future career. Currently, I am following my career aspirations to lead design teams in the fast-paced world of designing workplaces for organizations that push the boundaries. Since graduating, this program has transformed and I am very proud of what it has become. The passionate and dedicated faculty, coupled with small class sizes and stimulating design reviews, make this program top notch. & 8221;

??Jaclyn Guasco (BA 2007)
Senior Partner at Fennie + Mehl Architects

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