How to use books for interior design and interior design

One of the more unusual digital trends to emerge since the start of the pandemic is having a library in the background for your online meetings and interviews. From newscasters to politicians, everyone has spoken in front of their book collections.

The “credibility library” became “the most popular midlife accessory” in 2021, Amanda Hess told The New York Times. The library offers both a “visually pleasing surface” and “a gesture of intellectual depth”.

The books “are back” and it is “time to light up,” Sydney Gore said in Architectural Digest’s predictions of the biggest interior design trends of 2022. People aren’t just content to read more books, but they also organize books for interior design and use them to build stairs and tables. In short, books are the “new status symbol”.

As English writer Sydney Smith said, “No piece of furniture is as charming as books, even if you never open them or read a single word.” We’re taking a look at some of the ways you can use your books for home decorating and home decorating …


Build your own credibility library

If you’re looking to build a credibility library, Penguin Random House has digital examples that might inspire your actual collection. Project the professionalism of a new home office with options such as:

  • The Little-Bit-of-Everything reader: “perfect for the user trying to transmit a colorful playlist”
  • The Literary Heavyweight: ideal if you are “looking to impress your colleagues with your literary prowess”
  • The Classics Collector: “you have a taste for the finer things in life and an appreciation for the pioneers who came before you”
  • The Trend Finder: This collection suggests that you are “a multimedia connoisseur, with a keen eye for trends”
  • The Adventure Seeker: A youth and dystopian-centric library that is “perfect for showing your colleagues your creative side”


Bookcases and shelves

Bookcases and shelves

You might not be looking for the credibility of your bookcase or shelves, but they are a great starting point for a room redevelopment.

There is something “so charming about an abundance of books,” said House & Garden. And a bookshelf full of books “adds instant appeal to any room”, whether in the form of “custom joinery or freestanding shelving.”

A collection of hard covers is “full of design potential,” said Architectural Digest. Be bold with color, make an architectural statement and or even incorporate art. “Whether it’s simple rows of shelves or beautiful built-in units, bookcases provide stylish storage space for books, artwork and other valuable collections.


Table made of books

Not just a stack of old books …

The easiest way to display your books may be to display them on shelves. However, there are plenty of other ways to turn your book collection into a stylish home decor, Anne Pilon told Homedit. If you’re looking for “a more dramatic effect,” you can even use book pages as wallpaper to cover an entire wall.

Displaying books on tables is a good option – or you can create a table with books (as Residentreader showed on Instagram, above). Stacks of books can look great anywhere – in baskets or just stacked high on the floor.


Staircase stickers book Youliy / Amazon

Raise your staircase game

Staircase design has become a big trend in interior design, whether it’s incorporating storage space, adding a reading nook, or even designing the steps themselves.

Add an interesting touch to your interiors by giving your stairs a makeover, said The Owner Builder Network. A nifty project is to paint each step with the designs of the spine of your favorite books.

If a paint job isn’t an option, then some 3D book staircase stickers might be exactly what your boring steps are missing, House Beautiful said. They can really “elevate your staircase”.

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