How superyacht owners choose interior materials


Written by Laura Nicholl

In this article, we take a look at a respectively unknown part of the process of creating a superyacht: the production of samples. Usually done in close collaboration with architects and owners, the samples become the owner’s first real experience with the materials that will be on board their brand new yacht.Photo: Charl van Rooy / SuperYacht TimesTo achieve an extraordinary design, the devil is in the details, and these details are refined to perfection thanks to the work of the interior design experts, craftsmen and architects of the project. From the grain of the wood and the veneer, from the structure of the special lacquered finishes to the level of gloss of the transparent lacquer top coating – everything is carefully selected and studied. After all, the time, capital and dedication that goes into building a custom superyacht deserves to be perfect.Interior material samplesAccording to interior experts Struik & Hamerslag, a sample is more than a small part of the interior, it is an opportunity for the homeowner to assess how their dream project will feel, look and function. Many superyachts afloat today have hidden treasures on board – whether it’s the special original wood veneer inlaid with an eccentric pattern or the hand-carved glassware, those details will come first. were created as a small sample that was inspected by the entire team of the owner and those behind the build.Interior material samplesSimilar to making a perfect painting, making a sample is done by applying the materials to small panels with the exact finishes to create the beautiful pieces of art to show the owner. This way the owner can choose to refine and modify the materials until they are ready to be installed on board. For example, the 68-meter Feadship yacht for sale Dame Christine, without knowing it for some, a staircase spanning five bridges, one of which was created with a secret masterpiece. A handmade display of marquetry – a craft that applies pieces of veneer to a patterned structure – depicts the Seven Wonders of the World, one being Dame Christine itself at the request of its owner. Before being shipped, this selection of wood was seen and approved by the owner as a sample.Lady Christine yacht staircasePhoto: FeadshipHaving worked on over 200 superyachts and counting, Struik & Hamerslag are well known for their bespoke furniture and the delivery of consistently fine interior details. The team strives to be as transparent as possible throughout procurement processes, but having to adhere to strict NDAs means end results can’t always be displayed. Their craftsmanship, however, never fails to attract new clients to the yachting industry.Interior material samplesTo find out more, contact the Struik & Hamerslag team directly via the information below.

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