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The design is largely intuitive to Ishmael Phetogo, whom he describes as “kind of falling in love over and over again”. Its signature lavish and vibrant interiors can be found in large businesses and small to medium-sized businesses.

Founded in 2012 and started its business activities as a registered company in 2018, Glam Interior Design Solutions specializes in corporate, retail, hospitality and residence designs.

The company offers services such as furniture consulting, sourcing and bespoke design, as well as space planning, renovations, project management and realistic 3D representations, to name a few. only a few. “The inspiration came from the love I have had for design since my elementary school years and the skills I learned from the companies I worked for,” he said.

Phetogo said his first client was Essence Beauty Spa, which he almost turned down as he doubted himself as a beginner. “At that time I had no experience, the store was located in Gaborone at the Northgate Mall. At first. I almost gave up on the job because I wasn’t sure I could handle such a big project, “he recalls. Phetogo said he was his biggest competitor as he challenged himself every day to come up with ideas never before realized. Its biggest customers right now are homeowners as design styles and lifestyles have changed modern ideas today. “The idea is not to repeat the same idea over and over again. I challenge myself to be better than what I normally see.

I am different, ”he said. However, he said the biggest challenge is that locals don’t appreciate or understand the design and decor, believing it could be costly. Talking about his outlook, Phetogo said he wanted to develop the company’s brand with its unique style and designs, and be able to operate internationally.

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