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Even if you’re perfectly happy with how your home looks, it’s always worth having a few design books handy to inspire you (and see what other people’s space looks like). Fortunately, interior designers and architects mass publish new monographs every year. These tomes often document a series of houses they’ve worked on, products they’ve created, or monumental buildings they’ve built from start to finish. They’re a bit heavy, sure, but they look great on a coffee table next to a few stylish vases or trays. Here are some of our favorites from this year’s harvest for you to stock up on.

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Workplace: interiors of beauty and necessity


Workstead has been designing interiors for residential and hotel projects since its founding in 2009, creating interiors that feel understated, but never too spared, allowing the craftsmanship of individual furnishings to truly shine. The book takes the reader through 10 homes they’ve contributed to over the years, but leaves space to showcase the company’s lighting manufacturing, where artisans create otherworldly designs like the chandelier. Orbit and the Chamber pendant.

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Omer Arbel

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Omer Arbel’s CV is eclectic. He built houses on concrete “water lilies” as part of his architectural practice; he has constantly reinvented the way glass can be used to create more artistic lighting as part of the manufacture he founded, Bocci. His book guides the reader through all of the above numerically (Arbel titles all of his works with a number) from his completed projects to those still in progress, such as an idea of ​​using raw lightning to create dynamic sculptures.

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Lake | Flato Houses: Respect the Earth

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Lake Flato’s architectural offices are in San Antonio and Austin, but they have designed homes for clients across the country. What is consistent in this large-scale work is the sense of belonging: in each case Flato strives to use local materials and employ local artisans. The result is a series of Modernist houses that look different from all the others (in a good way) and reflect the roots of a city.

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Koichi Takada: architecture, nature and design

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Koichi Takada’s architecture reflects contemporary needs and concerns, namely the desire for more biophilic buildings and interiors that incorporate aspects of the outside world. His book takes the reader through a few of these projects, such as his award-winning gift shop at the National Museum of Qatar (on cover) that resembles an undulating wooden cave, as well as his plans for a 30-year-old skyscraper. floors. in Brisbane which is covered with trees. It may even inspire you to add a fiddle leaf fig or two to your own space after reading.

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As I see it: a life in detours

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Scrolling through Instagram can be time-consuming, but it can also provide a good dose of inner inspiration. New York-based architect Tom Kligerman has long documented his travels via his cell phone camera and posted them on the ‘gram – now all of those photographs have been compiled into one IRL book. It’s a testament to the power of an iPhone lens and offers a unique perspective on the different architectures of the world, as many photos are placed side by side like an Instagram grid.

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$ 14.83

Yves Behar: Conceiving ideas

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Swiss designer Yves Béhar has worked in just about every product category imaginable. He’s worked on everything from office chairs to underwater research centers to robotic cradles, a work of staggering scope that has never been in conversation with itself until now. Readers can flip through Béhar’s many ambitious designs for inspiration for a futuristic overhaul, or if they’re just interested in learning more about its products.

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Shawn Henderson: Interiors in Context

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Shawn Henderson’s interiors evoke a sense of tranquility without appearing too bland or too much like a remote wellness center. Above all, they take into account the lifestyle of his client and reflect his personal tastes and his daily life. Her book chronicles 14 such residential projects, two of which are her own homes in New York and upstate New York, incorporating a wide range of properties, from farmhouses to beachside retreats.

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